We're printing here the content of an e-mail sent to us from The Robin 2 in Bilston, concerning Wilko Johnson's final tour:

"As you may or may not be aware, the great Wilko Johnson will be doing a farewell show here at the Robin 2 in March, to say thanks and cheerio to his fans and supporters who have treasured him throughout his career. Unfortunately Wilko is terminally ill and this will be his last ever show at the Robin 2.

We sold out of tickets for this show 3 hours after they went on sale. This filled us with pride as we thought Wilko fans will really give him a good send off and make it a truly amazing gig.

To our disappointment, a member of staff here at the Robin 2 checked EBay, on the off chance, to find that the tickets are being touted at £79! Since checking, its come to our attention that they are being sold on other outlets for more that double this amount.(£167!! http://www.viagogo.co.uk/Concert-Tickets/Rock-and-Pop/Wilko-Johnson-Tickets/E-511240)

We all know touting happens, it always has, but in this case we just think this really is quite unscrupulous.

Wilko kept his prices low (£17.50) so that his everyday fans could obtain a ticket to wish him well and celebrate his life with him one last time. Now we have many, many disappointed fans who were unable to purchase a ticket, and are potentially looking at having to bow down to these touts and be exploited.

The lack of conscience in these touts really does sicken us. To exploit the fans at such an extortionate level is quite unbelievable.

This instance was put out on the Robin 2's Facebook page to try and stop the purchase of the EBay tickets, and everyone is very, very unhappy.


A petition has been started by the friends and supporters of the Robin 2, as somebody needs to put a stop to this.

If there is anything anyone can do to help us try to get this message out to the public, that we do not condone the re-sale of any concert ticket, and also highlight how heartless and inconsiderate touting is, we would be so thankful.'


Personally, I've always thought that ticket touts are parasitical scumbags, who cold-bloodedly exploit both the musicians(like Wilko)who make the world a better place by making fantastic, life-enhancing music, and the music lovers who, sadly, will pay the inflated prices these bloodsuckers demand, to get the chance to see artists they admire. But this case in particular really is especially sickening, given that this is the last time any of us will ever get the opportunity to see Wilko play live.

These verminous touts are making money out of a dying man, and the love and respect people have for him. I cannot find the words to express my disgust..However, a solution to the problem has occurred to me. If we could persuade the Government to make it illegal to sell tickets on FOR MORE THAN THE ORIGINAL COST, that would remove the incentive for touts, but still allow people who have tickets they can't use to try & sell them & recoup their money. Maybe if enough of us contact our MPs and demand this, something will happen?

There's an e-petition on the subject here:http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/stop-e-ticket-companies-and-touts-exploiting-us/

STOP PRESS: The BBC have picked the story up, read more here: