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Tiny Tigers

tiny tigers are:
Angela plays guitar and sings
Paula plays the bass guitar
Ann Rock plays the drums

From East London to Ohio, tiny tigers are a new wave punk band formed from an obsession with music,tea cakes, Chistopher Guest, Douglas Coupland and the 1940's.

Escape the hum: Stress and nervous breakdowns - the bored twenty's, the realization of being stuck in a rut of becoming the person you never wanted to be and seeing no escape.

Repetition: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Recurring, persisting thoughts, impilses or images inappropriately intrude into awareness and cause marked distress or anxiety. The person tries to ignore or suppress these ideas or to neutralize them by thoughts or behaviour. Some of the most prevalent compulsions are: Repeated checking of doors, locks, electrical appliances, or light switches. Frequent cleaning of hands or clothes. Strict attempts to keep various personal items in careful order. Mental activities that are repetitious, such as list making, counting or praying.

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