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Little Boots

People have labelled her songs many things: space-pop, nu-disco, electro, R&B, to name but a few. The truth being that while tags like these may ring true in relation to a particular instance, they don’t begin to cover the experience of the music she creates. Despite having the hippest circles eating out of her palm, Little Boots couldn’t be less fussed with making ‘cool’ music.

She creates the kind of songs that pour into your ears and surge round you with an intensity reserved for that long forgotten track you fell head-over-heels for but never worked out what it was. Melodies and moods that overwhelm, that ominous stomach churn when you know that the only remedy is playing it to death.

Victoria Hesketh is a girl obsessed with the unknown and unfathomable. “I love the limitless of space,” she explains, wide-eyed. “The questions it opens up, how we don't really have any idea what's going on up there however many Hadron Colliders we build.” For her, music’s ultimate question is thrown up by its most universal form. “Pop music is the most challenging thing I can do,” she says. “To make something that reaches across so many boundaries is just incomprehensible, like space. The places pure pop can take you are limitless.” It’s a genuine sentiment that forms that backbone of her music. The limits to Little Boots’ musical journey appear similarly non-existent.

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