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Admiral Daydream and the Stolen Souvenirs

The tumultuous voyage commenced when Admiral Daydream and his trusty band of Stolen Souvenirs stowed away a precious cargo of deserted and lonely songs. All hands raised anchor and set sail as the crow flies, across vast melodic oceans; turning the tumbling tide 'til the bitter end.

Swiftly The Admiral was caught adrift, washed up on Herefordian shores, marooned post-mutiny. Moored amongst the salty driftwood his armament of seaworthy shanties ebbed and flowed windward. Scudding through the flotsam and jetsam to furl themselves buoyantly and triumphant at the site of anchorage.

This first rate songsmith emerged victorious and now sings and busks his way through nearby taverns and drinking houses. His pockets full of his bounty of salvaged songs. He is always on the look out to recruit a new crew of faithful souvenirs...

Extended Outlook: Sounding delicately fragile at times, veering towards thundery, stormy and tormented later with bright patches developing.

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