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Sam Eden

Sam Eden is a talented and charismatic songwriter, constantly driven by his passion for music. "Without music, my life is completely worthless. Its the only thing that really makes sense to me." He appears to be rather troubled by the complexities of life and his constant desire to understand them. This is perhaps the reason he strives to create something flawless every time. He is nothing less than a perfectionist. His combination of powerful vocals and engaging lyrics, with varied acoustic guitar styles and intricate piano melodies, has even been said to be hypnotizing.

In 2007 Sam jumped in at the deep fronting for Cardiff rock band 'Cellar Door'. This formed an important part of his final year at Cardiff University where he studied for his masters in geology and obtained a 1st degree. It appears he is destined to follow the path of rock in one way or another.

In the winter of 2008 Sam spent six months snowboarding and working in the French Alps and this is when he began to take his solo career seriously. Here he found the inspiration to write some of his most poignant songs to date. These include footsteps and shades of grey. He returned to his home town, Malvern, UK, and began the process of playing every gig he could get his hands on. Sam Eden doesn't just play the notes, he feels each and every one of them.

"There's no point in just getting up and playing some notes. I have to connect with the feeling of the song. Then I can really connect with the audience. The same feeling should be conveyed whether there's a million people listening or just a handful in the corner. If I lose the feeling I get anxious because I can't really write anything in that state. I don't tend to right happy songs. They might be uplifting but only in a shallow sense. I'm much more comfortable at the deep and meaningful end of the scale where I can hide in the shadows." This sense of depth is portrayed beautifully in the song 'Colourful Scene', written in what Sam describes as one of his lowest times. "Across the scale from A to G, every note and every key, every flat and minor in between, try to paint a colourful scene, to cover up the nightmares when I wake up, and all the darkest places that I've been."

Sam Eden is currently turning back to his roots and has begun work on his very own solo album. This promises to be a masterpiece.

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