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It takes a special sound to thrive whilst swimming against the tide of mainstream nothingness in the UK's music culture. It takes a special sound to re-light its listener's passion for music, passion lost from years of exposure to manufactured, soul destroying fakery. And it takes a special sound to reach out and unite an audience of all ages.
Audiofire are this special sound.
Energetic, diverse, powerful and most importantly - unique, Audiofire are a band not playing by any rules or conforming to a set agenda. The music is truly the alternative to the X factor, big brother generation of Britain in 2010. Real music for real music lovers.
The bands knack of writing songs full of atmosphere, inspiration and aggression is limitless. Audiofire combine the soaring riffs and solid rhythms of guitarists Scott Hood and James Roberts with the fluid and truly distinctive bass lines of Gavin Molineux and the genre spanning beats of Mike Townsend on drums.
Add to this the culture defining lyrics and truly distinguishable vocals of charismatic front man Adam Tipper and Audiofire are a band destined to be heard and revered by many.
Truly memorable live performances full of energy, passion and real rock and roll moments come as standard.
The fire is rising. Fuel the flames.

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