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Khaliq has a unique wave of sounds, western grit that stems from a childhood of inner cities married to a beautiful eastern soul of traditional storytelling and rhythm. Khaliq is a band with a constant flow of musical waves, unique beats and uplifting melodies accompanied by a never say die attitude…

Mysterious but charismatic front man Khaliq was born in the West Midlands. He remembers fondly the deep tenors of his father's voice resonating songs of home around his terraced house. Bedroom walls breathing Zeppelin, Free, Stones and the Beatles. Khaliq attributes their styles to the beginning of his very unique approach to music making.

Khaliq's first demo opened the doors and his love for the Manchester music scene, starting his friendship with Tony Wilson & Derek Ryder. "Meeting and becoming friends with the likes of Mani, Little Barrie, Shaun & Paul Ryder, Bez and Bobby Gillespie has been an inspiration".

Khaliq himself has been likened to Paul Weller/Nick Drake, a comparison that obviously delights and amazes him; they are after all, two of his heroes. When the band really rock out, ghosts of Hendrix/Pink Floyd can be heard, teen angst is now exchanged for thunderstorm relentlessness and the unrivalled vulnerability only begot from stripping yourself naked. Khaliq's songs are songs for everyone.

The album 'ASTRAL PROJECTIONS' came into fruition at The Magic Garden Studios under the watchful eye of legendary producer Gavin Monaghan.
"direct from the bloodline of Cat Stevens, Ben Harper and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan springs the beautiful spiritual music of Khaliq. Every line and crease in his voice tells of hard lives lived and lessons learned. Astrally project into the concealed worlds within each of his songs" Gavin Monaghan (Twang/Robert Plant/Elvis Costello/OCS/Editors/KOL)

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