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The Lightning

The Lightning were formed in 2006 by Steve Shepherd and Terry Campbell.
The band came together quite by accident, as bands sometimes do. Steve and Terry have known each for a long time through work (in the jewellery trade) and through sessions, music etc, They jammed together for nearly three years at the local studio, and then decided to find a singer and a bass player,
Andie Evans was doing similar things, jamming with a friend in a garage, but really wanted more. Word of mouth prompted him to come down and a very close friendship formed. The band decided to go with a single guitar format.
Finding a bass player was more difficult. The band tried a couple unsuccessfully, before finding Tom Brown, who stayed with them for two years. Tom decided to retire from the band in 2010, and Steve got in touch with Mike Fleming, a bassist he had been in a couple of bands with before. Mike has now joined up to help the band to more success.
Kaz Fleming has now been recruited for vocal duties. Originally brought in to help out while Andie dealt with some real life problems, she has now taken over as vocalist following Andie's departure from the band.

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