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The Roz Bruce Infusion

blown away by Roz; she is going to be massive one day!"- Mick Slattery, Hawkwind/Space Ritual

"Every time we go to a festival, we discover someone who we don’t know, who blows our mind. That person at Mayfest was Roz Bruce. Roz’s looped guitar lines, growling vocals and intriguing use of samples and drum tracks made for a combination that was close to perfection. As I have said in Off-Beat before I am not a massive fan of loop pedals on the whole, but Roz Bruce knows exactly how to use them. She is also one of the most technically gifted guitarists I have ever seen, channeling Hendrix, Satriani and Vai in equal measure in her guitar and PJ Harvey, Suzanne Vega and Bonnie Rait through her vocals, Roz nearly knocked me off my chair with her dark, twisted and beautiful songs. The only problem was, having seen her on the Friday, everyone else at the festival had to work really hard over the weekend to maintain the standard set by this tooth guitar solo playing, tough talking, tough singing legend in the making.." - Off Beat Magazine

"The wah-wah gives her music an intense 70s psychedelia but her riffs dip into bluesy rock and lyrics trail into disconnected melancholy." - Electric Banana

Roz's voice often gets compared to early PJ Harvey, as well as her being regularly referred to as “The Female Jimi Hendrix!” However, what stands out most is the originality of her music, lyrics, guitar playing and performance.

Roz gigs regularly and relentlessly around the Midlands and has been spreading her wings further around the UK, constantly building on her growing base of dedicated fans.

She has just released a mini album; 'Lost and Found' which is a vinyl-style CD containing 6 songs, the aim of them all being: “To portray the lyrical messages through music, hopefully touching a few people in the process!”

"Roz Bruce, a youthful purveyor of scuzzy, swampy blues rock, reminiscent of The Kills or early PJ Harvey. Enigmatic beneath her rainbow-coloured hat, Bruce handles a guitar like it's an extension of her own body, which it is when, at one point, she goes for the Hendrix-esque trick of playing with her teeth."- Burton Mail

"Our own female Jimi Hendrix!" - BTN Magazine
"Roz's riffs were of excellent quality and performed with consummate skill, one plucked by her teeth; a first for a female performer in front of this interviewer." - Burton Mail

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