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Formed in spiraling faceless Britain on the turn of century, brainstormed within the cave-in of social harmony a formation of bleak truths. They were fed up of the re-hashed formalized head banging churned out of the media machines, they were sick of pretty faced cock suckers humping the mundane tabloid creeps. There was little output for the anger for it is better to be angry than to lean on despair but they were inspired by the template of the spirit of rock and roll a spirit that in their generation was being crushed by grey haired forty year olds obsessed with comparing every guitar group to Led Zeppelin. "Its good because NME told me so" (Know thy NME)
Disregarding their needs to be accepted the urban Buddhas of the future entwined within the hope of music na´ve but broken by mediocre comforts.

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