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MisterNothing are an alternative/indie rock band from the Midlands who are ready to hit the road in 2013.

The band was formed in 2013 after 20 year old musician Mitchel Emms wrote and recorded an entire album of music from his bedroom under the pseudonym of "MisterNothing". Shortly afterwards, Mitch appeared on national TV on BBC1's The Voice UK as part of Team Danny, managing to make his way to the quarter finals which, for an alternative rock guy on a mainstream TV show, has never been done before in the UK.

During filming, Mitch headed into the rehearsal rooms with friends John Wilcox (guitar) and Matthew Cottam (Bass) and recruited Drummer Craig Sharpe to bring to life a fresh take on alternative rock music.

The band have released 3/4 of the album for free on Youtube/Soundcloud for the fans, due to be remixed and remastered for an official release this year. The music aims combine the pop hooks and melodies of bands such as Keane with the raw intensity and energy of Biffy Clyro & Nirvana. Although there is a huge 90's element to the music in it's influences, MisterNothing aim to be more than just a throwback to 1990, that's been seen in the recent "b-town" scene.

"Ideally I wanted to make something that had the nostalgic feel of listening to your parent's records but at the same time being energetic, fresh, current, but most of all, being something you can relate to. We're all excited to see how people will respond to our music in a live setting and to prove to people that there's more to us than a talent show".

Since coming off The Voice, Mitch has appeared at major festivals in the UK and is ready to gatecrash the current live music scene with his band MisterNothing, with national gigs lined up.
Mitch has been notorious in the past for his energetic and unpredictable performances in previous bands, which has been showcased on TV and he's itching to get back on the road in September with MisterNothing and let loose.

You can catch MisterNothing live in the midlands on 11th September at The Robin 2 and the 6th of October at The Flapper.

Alternative rock attempting to be original.
MisterNothing - 2013.

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