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Ladies In The Radiator

"Ladies in the Radiator formed in a pub lounge from a collective love of the Pixies in early 2004. The South Birmingham based musical noise conglomerate consists of Thom Foley (guitars, vox, pianos), Chris Ummitgast (bass, harmonica), McAdam Hogshaw (guitars) and Matt 'Hot Sauce' Jones (drums). 'Indie', 'arty' and 'post-punk' and could be coughed up in sentences involving the band, if these labels weren't so vague, wince inducing, and flavour-of-the-month-sounding. They craft pop-savvy amplified rock music which can be quiet and/or LOUD and/or avant-garde and/or discordant and/or (probably) oddly structured. The choonz are often coupled with thoughtful, wry, sometimes melodramatic lyrics via urgent, unpredictable vocal melodies - delivered somewhere close to barking baritone. Topics range from cuckolded husbands lost at sea, to 16th century pirates, to Icelandic punk rock love, to 3 eyed mutants in the distant future. Good mutants mind. Though they write instinctively, not consciously taking heed to (m)any influences, they have been likened to these fine bands:

British Sea Power
David Bowie
Dead Kennedys
Galaxie 500
Joy Division
Neutral Milk Hotel
The Smiths
The Strokes
Talking Heads"

-Eddie Stobart, 2005

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