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The best in Cowjazz & Celticana - 'Poobah: a title given to someone who exhibits an inflated self-regard' The Poobahs are a newly-formed band and have chosen their name with their collective tongue firmly in their cheek. They don't want to change the world, they just want to play music they love in a variety of genres, ranging from Western Swing to Celtic fiddle tunes; from Tex-Mex to Dartford Delta Blues. The members of the band are certainly qualified to cover all those bases with John Hymas's rich violin and lively accordion weaving between Dave Luke's warm vocals and understated guitar, all underpinned by Clovis Phillips's dextrous but tasteful bass-playing and George Jackson's solid, subtle percussion. It's toe-tapping, soul-soothing music with undeniable class and great versatility

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