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The Indigos

Corruption, debt, popular culture and tabloid journalism. The afore mentioned categories define our lives today, as we bask in mediocrity on our little Island, unaware that somewhere deep in the belly of Britain, four young men toil away, desperately trying to find a soapbox big enough to show you the error of your ways. The Indigos are what they are, thought provoking pop enthusiasts in the same vein as their heroes before them. The bitter social commentary of Morrissey, the avant-garde sensibilities of The Gang of Four, the wide eyed enthusiasm of The Sonics, the pristine of mid to late 90s Britpop, all combined to create these four young men and the assault on the ears they are quickly growing a reputation for. In the last 18 months, The Indigos have built upon a word of mouth reputation as unique showmen, gifted songwriters and hard working professionals. The band has come from playing local toilet venues in the Midlands, to supporting such bands as SpiderSimpson, White Rose Movement, Vanlustbader, The Violets, My Architects, Gledhill, My Device, Eight Legs and The Romance at venues such as both Bar Academys in Islington and Birmingham and to sold out shows at Birmingham Barfly and Camden Underworld. The Indigos now look to the future, with an extremely strong demo under their belt and some amazing live performances to boast of, they've started as they mean to go on, upwards.

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