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Die So Fluid

Die So Fluid - Formed 4 years ago, and exploded onto the alternative rock scene with their darkly individual and metal-edged sound-scape. Sultry underworld siren Grog provides soaring, passionate vocals and hard-hitting bass guitar, accompanied by mohawked king of the darkwave Drew Richards on guitar, and John Bonham inspired drumming firework frenzy, Al Fletcher.

Drawing on influences ranging from The Deftones and Black Sabbath to Siouxsie Sioux and Hole, their music is a compelling mix of raw emotion laced with infectious melody.
Die So Fluid unleashed their highly-anticipated album Spawn of Dysfunction in 2005, a psychotic discharge of punishing anthems, ethereal temperament and bile by the bucket-load. Consisting of ten tracks, the Mark Williams-produced album demonstrates an innovative and monstrous hybrid of brooding, unrestrained metal sensibility fused with the bare-skinned raw essence of punk.
Having charmed a devoted, ever-growing cult of fans around the world with their live act, honed their collective mystic skills, and sought out like-minded consorts for the journey ahead, a follow up album is now complete and thrashing it's bloody horns against the bars to be released in early 2008.
Die So Fluid devastation will be driven home with the passion only they possess.

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