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Against The Grain

Guitarist / Producer / Virtuoso, Nigel Martin began the search for a new band that shared his vision of creating purely instrumental but technically brilliant music. Having played in bands with Nigel for the past 3 years, Rob Cochrane helped co-found the band. Rock / Fusion drummer Rob was the obvious choice, providing unsurpassed drumming ability, having 10 years experience and a deluge of drumming influences such as Mike Portnoy, John Bonnam and Keith Moon to name but a few, he got tired of the endless hunt for the perfect singer and so decided to join Nigel in forming the perfect instrumental rock band............... The two were shortly followed by a current student of Nigelís, Dan Till, who having similar ideals, icons and technical ability on the guitar to Nigel, jumped at the chance to let loose his talent. Not to be confused with a Rhythm guitarist, Dan till provided a second harmonious edge that the band were looking for.............. Last to arrive was Dan Coultas after a chance re-union with Dan Till, an old school friend who he hadnít seen in years. The two Danís had spent half the night bitching about previous bands and the lack of real talent in the local area, until it finally dawned that Dan C was the Bassist that they had been looking for. Dan carries a fusion of styles in his approach to the bass and unleashes his fury with the help of his 5-string musicman bongo............... With this the bands arsenal was complete and after a whole year of practise, they plan to prove that the music scene is due for a change...

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