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Brother Firetribe

Brother Firetribe
Brother Firetribe

"We spend the summer with the top rolled down", sang New Jersey's finest, Skid Row, in their heyday back in '89. Well, guess what? The lush melodies, big choruses and carefree attitude of the late '80s are back with a bang!

Evoking mental imagery of bathing in the sun on a Venice Beach walkway, complete with rollerskating long-legged beauties and trimmed pink poodles, BROTHER FIRETRIBE's smooth hard rock has that huge American AOR sound that no one in Finland has ever even ventured to attempt.

Proudly taking a bow to their influences from the '80s in the form of Van Halen, Journey and other chartbusters of old, BROTHER FIRETRIBE's sound is built on a plethora of melodies that most composers wouldn't dare to dream of. In true '80s fashion, all of the required tools are applied; killer vocal harmonies and airy keyboard lines that will stick to your ears like bubblegum. The cherries on the pie are Pekka Heino's smooth, dreamy voice and Emppu Vuorinen's guitarwork, with his immaculate sense of style, rich tone and trademark sound which can't be mistaken.

The easy-going nature of the music is clearly audible on the band's blazing debut album "False Metal". As diminutive blonde sex God/BROTHER FIRETRIBE guitar player Emppu Vuorinen states: This is the kind of sound that comes to us naturally. A bunch of easy-going guys making the music they love, what could be better? Furthermore, as our music is certain to attract girls, we've got the best possible motive for making it too!

Caveat emptor: If there's even an inkling of a hard rock fan in you, your hair might just start curling in classic '80s style when listening to "False Metal".

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