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Club Cairo

Club Cairo offers an exotic array of entertainment from Arabia. Live music, dance and theatre combine to bring you a supersensory experience steeped in tradition yet eager to branch out and explore new forms of expression.

The Arabian Fantasy Dance Theatre retell the story of THE SERPENT SLAYER...

Two lone sisters are clinging on to existence in a war torn land. Their hometown is overrun by an oppressive regime. Suddenly they are transported to another dimension. Little did they know that great grandfather's rusty old sword that had hung above the hearth for all these years was a portal into another world! This world is filled with magic, marvels and incredible wonders however evil is also present in this fairytale landscape in the form of a serpent.

Witness the incredible journey the sisters make. Their trials and tribulations and how they find their way back home.

A touching tale of how hope can shine through the darkest of skies, all greatly enhanced by an amazing ‘live’ soundtrack, innovative and beautiful dancing, incredible projection art plus an amazing wardrobe and lighting display.

The Club Cairo Ensemble will also be performing a live set of classic songs from the Middle East and Turkey. They will be accompanied by a dazzling array of belly dance artists.

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