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Dan Haynes

"A gorgeous, warm and gentle voice. Someone to look out for"

Nicky Tapper BBC RADIO

""Remember the name""

Ash James : George Tortoise
if acoustic music is meant to sooth and calm you even on your shittiest of days, then dan haynes goes one step further; his tunes flow forth from your headphones or speakers and envelope you in an aural hug that leaves you forgetful of the piles of bills you have to pay and the car that’s recently been written off (or is that just me?).
dan is from stourbridge in the midlands, and is responsible for some of the freshest acoustic music that has ever glided across my ear drums.
his mature lyrics and sound capture a vibe that any musician would be proud of.
over the past couple of years, dan has built up a body of work containing some of the most honest and heartfelt songs you will ever give your ears the pleasure of listening to.
this guy writes from the heart.
the ‘plasticine bullet’ ep is dan's first major release, a coming together of his most recent acoustic work.
the ep features a full-band demo of “nice to feel wanted;” a simon and garfunkel-ly tune regarded by many (including myself) as dan's best song to date.
see dan live though and you will fall in love with his music all over again; his live voice is a force to be reckoned with and one that you can’t help being drawn in to.
his appearances on the west midlands gigging circuit have landed him slots on the jimmy franks show, ben turner show on radio wm and monochrome museum as well as his own episode on the new grey whistle test.
although his success thus far is well deserved, this guy is worthy of more.
dan is one of the rare gems in the music industry; a genuinely talented artist...
remember his name.

- Jack Brierley, blowback magazine

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