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Rubella Ballet

Rubella Ballet
Rubella Ballet

Rubella Ballet...
They were the band who bridged the gaps between the Sex Pistols, X-Ray Spex, and Crass.
(Tyler Ville, Punk Globe)

Constructed around the enduring nucleus of Sid Truelove and Zillah Minx, Rubella Ballet formed at a gig in 1979 when Crass invited their audience to use their equipment. Having been drawn to the punk movement during its initial stirrings in 1976, Zillah and Sid became increasingly committed to its lifestyle alternatives, taking up residence at a large commune that included the Poison Girls, located near to Crassí Dial House headquarters.

Pulsating with energy and colour, the group burst forth from the then-ubiquitous shadow of Crass to headline their own shows and transcend narrow genre definitions. Given the bandís singular nature, it was hardly surprising that they soon came to the attention of legendary DJ John Peel who commissioned the first of two sessions from the band, a five-track set that aired in July 1982.

The band are back in 2018 with their new studio release 'Danger of Death'.

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