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Grown At Home

GROWN AT HOME blend a dynamic, energetic and unrivalled live performance with the cutting edge of punk, hardcore and ska. Amongst the flying brass and bouncing vocalists lie contagious melodies so infectious youíll be humming them for weeks. Whether youíre at the front dancing away or toe-tapping at the back, the GROWN AT HOME live experience delivers passionate, raw, animated energy with an exuberant, fun-loving vibe that you wonít easily forget...

GROWN AT HOME exploded onto the UK punk scene in 2002, and have been playing gigs non-stop ever since. Late 2003 saw the bandís first tour of the North East of England. In 2004 they entered the studio with producer Iain Wetherell (Capdown, Lightyear) to record their first EP, which has now sold in excess of 1000 copies. In early 2005 the band were recruited by Hidden Talent Booking (Reel Big Fish, Rx Bandits, Voodoo Glow Skulls) and hit the road with Howards Alias and Sonic Boom Six for the entire month of July, helping extend their fan base to every corner of the UK. Now in 2006 GROWN AT HOME head into Street Level Studios (The Crimea, Adequate Seven) to record their first full length album, due for release in early May.

Over the years GROWN AT HOME have had the pleasure of sharing stages with the following bands: Lightyear, Freaks Union, Adequate 7, Long Beach Shortbus, The Peacocks, MU330, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Never Heard of It, the Aquabats, and Big D & The Kids Table.

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