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The Jericho Racks

We started this band to make some noise, and to play our guitars, and we're not sure what's more simple than that. Growing up we were surrounded by a saturated music scene, but we don't mean this as a bad thing at all. We got to experience hundreds of styles of music, from desert rock to indie to blues to soul; and we took something from everything.
Forming the band in 2018 out of the ashes of a previous project, there was just the two of us, Jack M (Singer, Guitarist) and Rich C (Drummer). We always had a telepathic way of playing music, going off the feel of the song, and enjoying the natural evolution of our basic sounds rather than trying hard to experiment. Before we had Jack (B) on Bass, it was just the two of us trying to write riffs that emulated the bands and styles we loved. We wanted to be loud, catchy, rough but most importantly, we wanted to enjoy the music that we made. Simple and Effective.
We played a few shows and immediately found a new love for this project, finding our energy on stage often spilt out into the audience.
In late 2018 we decided to do some recordings, get some of our tracks down for promo and we asked a friend, and previous bass player from an older band to come lay down some rhythm parts. Without question, Jack (B) joined our band. He tapped into our musical pulse, and became a functioning heart in the band. Our sound evolved suddenly, as we moved away from the two piece lighter rock stuff and headed into a heavier world of blues and desert rock.
We aim to continue our momentum as we grow as musicians, and as a band, so without using too many cliches watch this space, because things are going to get steamy.

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