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"Instrumental noise-pop! One may be tempted, when hearing Hemstad for the first time, to point out the fact that there are no vocals. But One would be wrong, wouldn't One? Because sometimes, the band says "Doo doo doo" or "La la la" or stuff like that. And that counts as vocals. Check the Rock and Roll Handbook, page 93, section 102A; you'll see. If a band is nothing more than the sum of its musical parts, then Hemstad must be a number with a hell of a lot of digits in it. And decimals. Lots and lots of decimals. Imagine, if you will, that The Meters, rather than coming up with their unique brand of R&Funk'nB out of the American Bayou in the 60s, had instead been born on the cusp of the 80s as fair Svennar, and then fed with a steady diet of Indiepop for the next 20 years. Hemstad's sound is that of elevator music, if the elevator was on acid, and only stopped on floors that opened up to the happiest, most ass-shaking Rock and Roll dance parties. Stairway To Heaven? Why take the stairs when there's an elevator? Think Bob Hund, Bergman Rock, The Citizens without David... Wiredblog's Listening Post REVIEW: "Their twee instrumental zonks fall somewhere between The Go! Team and Pavement."

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