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V8 ARE A FOOTSTOMPIN' HEADBANGING BLOOD PUMPIN' EARBUSTIN' HAIR CURLIN' HIGH PERFORMANCE BAND PLAYING CLASSIC ROCK - METAL - PUNK, TUNED TO DELIVER AT YOUR RALLY / PARTY ........ AS SEEN AT THE BMF. COME AND WATCH US.. YOU WONT REGRET IT .......... The band have been around in many forms for nearly 15 years and are totally dedicated to bringing the very best rock cover songs to venues throughout the UK. While covering a wide variety of material, Classic Rock through to Punk, Modern Rock and Metal, V8 are uncompromising in their approach in playing songs other bands would dare not play to a very high standard. Many times fans of the band have asked if they could perform an entire set of songs by for example "Metallica" or
"Motorhead". That is because people have said that V8 play their covers better than supposed Tribute bands. The temptation to become a Tribute band has been there but during a show V8 excel in suprising their audience with new songs and a Tribute band format would limit their performance.
Yes, for a part of the show V8 do play at the heavier end of the rock spectrum playing "Toxicity" - System of a Down, "Bullet in the Head" - RATM, and "I'm Broken" - Pantera. But show their versatility by playing for example traditional rock such as "Highway Star" - Deep Purple or "Black Betty" - Ram Jam, audiences have said that V8 perform the latter song better than any band they have seen.
One very important aspect to stress about V8 is the level of musicianship displayed on all songs whatever the style. V8 are very much a guitar driven band and V8 try not to take themselves too seriously and have been known to include songs like the current favourite and Tom Jones Classic "Delilah" and Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", which has been known to shock and awe audiences. In fact a Record Company wanted V8 to record it as a single and release it!

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