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The Kamikazes

Due to cause shockwaves at their forthcoming shows, 'The Kamikazes' will propel their audiences through high-octane, dynamite driven shows hitting you straight between the eyes and leaving you wondering where they suddenly came from.

Formed over the latter months of 2006 the band have quickly found themselves in possession of a rip-roaring live set, with soaring vocals, thundering drums, driving bass and filthy fuzzed-up guitars. It all makes for an explosive and maxed-out 'Alternative British rock' sound on which audiences can gorge their eyes and ears.

'The Kamikazes' mix shades of British rock and punk with their own ideas and sounds. Strong material, a big attitude and dirty hooks make it impossible for you not to have a reaction, whatever it is. Take a look through the world of The Kamikazes, both here and on the official myspace page, where you can sign up as a friend and join a new movement. Come join the party.

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