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Never ones to settle into our proper jobs properly, we decided our instruments sounded much better together than alone! And so on a sunny day down at Ashwood we 3 became Ashwood4. A ménage a trois of drums, bass, guitar and a bit of a jolly good sing. We are not hip young cats, we never were, but we are certainly here!

Phillipe drums and drums and throws cheeky beats, Sarge dances with his bass like no one is watching and Sarah sings and plays the guitar like the bedroom mirror is inches away. Needless to say our live performances are strong, paced and will certainly have you singing.

Our terrible grasp of the French language is always a source of amusement, however we remain loyal to the Black Country 'an wim praad on it ay we?'

Do we have a philosophy? Possibly! Do we look cool and ace? God no! Do we love it? Absolutely! Please do listen in and enjoy!

Sarah Round has played the guitar and written songs since the age of 11. She played extensively in the Midlands area up until the late 1990s as a solo acoustic act, playing covers and her own material culminating in several performances at Ronnie Scotts, Birmingham. Ashwood4 is Sarah's first band and has provided a new platform for new material, experimenting with different styles and a move onto the electric guitar.

Philip Guest has played drums for several Midlands based bands, most noted to date being 'Codename Josephine' whose success has seen performances at the Midland's larger venues and air play on Kerrang FM, including tracks on 'Kerrang Best Of Unsigned' album.

Mark Sargeant has been playing the bass and occasionally writing songs since he was 15, forming his first band at school before moving on to playing rock and metal on the Birmingham scene. This led to his recruitment with, 'This Elegant Chaos' who achieved minor underground success during the late 1990s releasing two albums and several EP's.

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