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Sons of Beaches

Sons of Beaches are an original rock outfit from Kidderminster. The first incantation of Sons of Beaches was a four piece covers band which lasted around 2 years but was nothing more than a hobby. In mid 2007 all that was left of the original line up was drummer Richie Milton and vocalist Carl Wilkes. They decided if they were to continue they would do it their way with their own original material influenced by their peers. However, to pull this off they needed to rebuild the band. So Carl approached local guitarist Dan Holloway, a seasoned player who had played in many bands within the local area. With Dan onboard they now needed a bass player. After chasing around to no avail the boys brought
in Adam Farley, a lifelong friend of Carl's who could play but had no live experience. As a four piece the new S.O.B quickly got to work on their new sound and songs. After playing some great gigs supporting bands such as Aura, the Who tribute and Rule No.1, the boys decided to record their first E.P. It was to be a 3 track collection spanning completely different songs to showcase all that the band had done so far. The title track 'Never be the same again' is still a mainstay of the S.O.B set and opener 'Who I am' is a great rock crowd pleaser. The E.P. received a fantastic review from and Nick Townsend. Joe Parkes was hired to join the boys shortly after the release and he and Dan formed a fantastic energy on stage. In August of 2008 the band headlined the Loaded 08 rock festival in aid of the proton effect. In late October 2008 the boys new songs were rocking venues all over the country and the band started to record their 2nd E.P. Since the 1st CD the band's songwriting has moved on emphatically and so the next natural step was to put these songs onto the next collection. 'Plague' was launched at the Tap House in Kidderminster on the 15th of Feb and features the very best of the band so far. It includes: Mine o' mine, Can't rain all the time, Sticks n' stones, A plague on both your houses (title track), Don't worry 'bout me, and crowd favourite I.O.U. There is a link to the review on the plague blog. Shortly after the release of "Plague" Joe Parkes parted company with the band due to personal reasons. Mark Hughes has been brought in as Joe's replacement as the band go from strength to strength. The band are now booking far and wide and an extensive touring project to promote plague is in motion, having already played at Liverpool's legendary Cavern Club to stamp their name amongst acts such as The Beatles, Bo Diddley,The Who, Rolling Stones, Queen, The Arctic Monkeys and Travis. The band are also on the bill at 2009's Glastonbudget Festival. Have a listen to just a few of the tracks uploaded. However to fully enjoy Sons of Beaches view them in their natural habitat, the live concert stage!

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