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Lament was created by songwriters Kath Kimber and Anthony McTiffen who recruited Michael Melbourne and Tom Haines in January 2005 for live gigs. As a four piece an inspired new sound quickly emerged and they have since been gigging extensively in the West Midlands, including live sessions on BBC West Midlands, Ben Turner Show, The Jimmy Franks Show and BBC Coventry and Warwickshire, Bob Brolly Show.

Laments sound is difficult to catagorise as its influences bear the marks of Brazilian rhythms, Flamenco flourishes and also hints of Jazz creating a Latin vibe. Vocalist, Kath has a pure and soulful voice which cuts through with soaring and catchy melodies. In this short time they have very quickly built up a name for themselves and are generating a large fanbase in the West Midlands.

New live album, Unveiled, has just been released and is now available.

Lament are also currently being played on radio stations all over the world including, the United States, Australia, Japan and more than 15 regional, terrestrial and internet radio stations around Britain. They have been featured twice as the new music choice on Midlands, Heart FM and have enjoyed success high up in the charts of Ison Live Radio, Australia and Celtic Underground Radio, UK. Lament have caught the attention of Welsh radio presenters and are played regularly on BBC Radio Wales, they are also played regularly on interactive TV channel, 'txt me tv'. One of their tracks, Beautiful, has been remixed by DJ Gion for his latest album, Uptown Café, which is now on general release in Japan.

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