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The Steeples

With the playful naivety of early Libertines and the tuneful prowess of a young Noel Gallagher, The Steeples are preparing for the next stage of this great Brit-pop Indie renaissance. Since The Kooks, Fratelli's and View broke through a few years ago there has been a lull in what was fast growing into a noughties Brit-pop revolution.
Now the Steeples have arrived and so it continues.

There is a monstrous feel-good factor to The Steeples, kind of like when the world cup's on, and with the same annual patriotic glee as a world cup, The Steeples music unites people.

As the boys open their live set the crowd bob, beer in hand and with an amused grin, like receiving your latest ebay purchase, and this grin is infectious. As they plough through tenderness and aggression, delicate harmonies and stunning rock outs, the tension builds and some myspace fans seem well aware of its direction. By the end of the set a stage invasion is imminent and average joe has 100 new friends to rock out with.

With the kind of football chant style hooks that the Anfield faithful would quickly team up with, its not difficult to see why The Steeples are currently zipping round the country at a rate of knots, performing blistering sets, applying that romance that only your first tour can bring and that youthful, Brit-pop exuberance.

Its as though someone bottled the summer of Supergrass' Alright and chose these boys brews to spike!

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