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SheBangg are a four piece band based in Shropshire, between the Bridgnorth and Lilleshall areas. They first started up a little under five years ago playing a mix of covers plus some of their own material. Now focusing mainly on their own compositions, the band have become very able song smiths with several hours worth of their own material to choose from. Over the years the band have had a few lineup changes, mostly being changes of bass guitarist but the recent recruit on bass guitar seems to have solidified the band even more, and the lineup now seems very stable and well balanced. SheBangg have a very useful tool in their box of tricks which is variety of playing styles. The drums can go from rock to soul to gentle percussion in a heartbeat and this ability is mirrored in the rest of the band. The band say their core style is power pop, but listen to a few tracks and you'll discover shades of rock, soul, blues, jazz and many others.

The band lineup is:

Chrissii Wing - Lead Vocals
Tim Barratt - Guitar / Keyboard / Vocals
Ryan Mortier - Bass / Vocals
Leyton Burgess - Drums / Percussion / Vocals
SheBangg are currently very busy getting ready to promote their first commercial single release titled INSPIRATION, which is due for an early spring release, maybe even the end of February. Their record/management company (Dragoneye promotions) sent Telfordrocks word that they have arranged for Ron Marks (of Subsonic and Celtic Frost fame) to produce the forthcoming album, and that filming for the video for INSPIRATION, will be scheduled in the Shropshire area soon.

IH - Is SheBangg just a working relationship, or is there a closer friendship within the band?
SheBangg - No, we're definitely friends. Ryan having joined recently is still getting to know us just as we're still getting to know him, but we enjoy socializing together. Also we've individually seen the other bands that each of us has played in over the years, and formed friendships in that way.

IH - How did you choose the name SheBangg?
SheBangg - As is the way, we were in the pub trying to come up with a good name and getting pretty bored of it, when Chrissii said something or other which ended in...and the whole shebang! We just sat silent for a short while and thought about it, until it was decided that shebang should be the name. We looked up the name on the Internet and discovered a couple of musical acts with that name, but nothing UK based, so we just added the extra G to the end. That's it really.

IH - What are the main musical influences of the band?
SheBangg - Well there are four of us, and we each have different tastes and backgrounds, but a short combined list would include: Jaco Pastorius, jazz funk, Janis Joplin, blues and soul, John Bonham, classic rock, funk rock, Andy Summers, power pop etc...

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