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Bombdog are a four piece band from Birmingham in the UK. The band formed in 2008 and have been recording and gigging in the West Midlands since then.

The line up consists of Becky Cresswell (vocals, cornet and melodica), Andy Bird (guitars and bouzouki), Phil Truslove (bass) and Sara Turner (drums). The sound of the band is influenced by the post rock genre and a mixture of balkan, mexican and french traditional music. The ethos of the band is to create beautiful music by weaving together these differing styles into something new. Artists that Bombdog like are Mogwai, Beirut, Sigur Ros, Hawk and a Hacksaw, Labradford, Jacques Brel, Yann Tiersen and Silver Mount Zion.

Recently Bombdog have supported 'The Young Runaways' at The Little Civic in Wolverhampton and 'The Scholars' at The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham.

The band have recently completed their first album and plan to continue gigging in the Midlands and beyond through 2009. The band are currently attracting attention through podcasts and online radio with their first demo releases.

'They've got a deeply atmospheric and gently melodic direction featuring a wide range of carefully crafted, haunting tracks. Ambling yet always taut with emotion there is some real depth and quality in the writing and compositions. Becky has a beautifully alternative vocal, powerful yet tender, it works wonderfully with their simple guitars and percussion to create a fresh, absorbing noise that draws the listener in and leaves a lasting impression.' Stephen Hubdya (Surface Unsigned)

Like Labradford serenading the sun setting over a Victorian French circus. - (Bohemian Jukebox)

chanson accordion evocations of gypsy women lamenting in Paris sidestreets mike davies - brum beat

'Stunning vocals and musicality, easily the best band we've graced the stage with at The Actress.' - The Scholars

Think lovely folk inspired post rock type stuff, kind of a cross between Silver Mt Zion and Beirut with beautiful vocals.

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