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Big Bus Groovy

Big Bus Groovy are one of the hottest original bands in Birmingham. This 6 piece band play their own blend of Nu Funk. Heavily influenced by all things funky, this band really know how to get their groove on.

The line-up is drums, bass, guitar and keys topped off with male and female vocals. Their set is an impressive exploration of the funky side of music from downright dirty grooves in 'Anthem' to the highly polished soul ballad that is 'Tests Of Time'. Every song is played with incredible musicianship, the arrangements are interesting without being self indulgent but are a testament to the band.

There are too few bands playing this kind of music in the UK and managing to do it justice but BIG BUS GROOVY manage to do it almost effortlessly. Encompassing the influence of Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Prince, they still put their own stamp on what is a difficult genre to be unique in!

Having already impressed local media with their music and sense of humour, this is a band most definitely on the rise to bigger and better things!!

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