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Trower Power

Worcestershire based Trower Power, represents the only UK tribute to the superb and equally influential talents of the classic bluesy rock trio, The Robin Trower Band. During the 1970s The Robin Trower Band quickly established itself as a popular worldwide live act, recording a series of classic albums including the monumental Bridge of Sighs.

UK tribute, Trower Power was created during the summer of 2008 and immediately set about the challenging objective of faithfully recreating the raw energy of Trower's live shows, particularly those of what many believe to be his golden period during the 1970s.

Guitarist Mike Smith, a life long Trower fan, had the concept of putting the band together after seeing Trower during his 2008 'first farewell tour' and realising that these classic tracks needed to be played to as wide and varied audience as could be, particularly as all indications appeared to suggest, that Trower was himself, preparing to retire from the rigours and demands of regular live performances. To this end, Mike Smith enlisted friend & business partner Kerry White to take on the demanding role of bassist, whilst calling upon the talents of local musicians Simon Bennet to take up the position of drummer, along with vocalist Rich Spalding to complete the outfit.

With the help from what many believe to have been the true power behind Trower during his classic period, American based Drummer, Bill Lordan has proved to be a massive help to the band, providing them with invaluable help in making sure that the set list and musical arrangements are as authentic as possible.

Presently, Trower Power recreate the classic 1975 tour which resulted in the subsequent release of Trower's incredible live album, Robin Trower Live. The bands set includes such live Trower classics as: Day of the Eagle, Bridge of Sighs, Too Rolling Stone, Daydream and Little bit of Sympathy.

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